The community in Ferguson is struggling to come up with the money to keep their kids fed, since school has been cancelled all this time, yet people have donated over $12,000 to the murderer who started all of this in the last 24 hours alone. Think about that. And then donate to the right cause.


進撃の巨人 x The Colossus

I remembered studying this painting in Art History Class. Edit & arranged by me [x]


Dog Fortress 2: Defence Classes!

Corgineer (Welsh Corgi) - Scottish Demohound (Scottish Deerhound) - Central Heavy Shepherd (Central Asian Shepherd)

Coming Soon - Offence


a cop just threatened to shoot the livestream operator in the face please continue to boost the stream links all over so that these journalists life and death efforts reach as many people as possible


This is a fund set up for the people who have been arrested while protesting in Ferguson. Please donate if you can and share widely. This is concrete action we can take to support the people of Ferguson. Also please call your local representative and let them know you do not agree with what’s happening. Here’s a script and a way to find the contact info for your local reps. 

Please signal boost.




Push the trigger, free your soul~


This was supposed to be a quick sketch…that went out of hand //whyy

w/e it probably says something about how much I loved that disturbingly maniacal Meet the Pyro short!